Fake Movie Meme: Hunted

natalie dormer & dane dehaan as twin vampires
sebastian stan & tatiana maslany as twin werewolves
lupita nyong’o & anthony mackie as twin hunters


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I’m not even suppose to be here today. - Clerks (1994)

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"Please allow me to introduce my associates..Miss Quinn."- The Joker

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Messing around. I still like oldschool Catwoman the best.

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bad blood | an upcoming jcink rp; focused around the  lives of those with abilities in a destroyed world.

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some of the cast can’t help but dance
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INFJ Traits - “The Protectors”


Positive Traits:

  • Extremely intuitive
  • Searchers of hidden meaning
  • Sensitive and perceptive
  • Gifted at reading others
  • Hold strong convictions and beliefs, which they live in accordance with
  • Will not compromise their ideals
  • Tend to trust their own instincts (and with good reason) – they are usually right and they usually know it
  • Genuinely warm and affirming by nature
  • Typically gentle and caring
  • Dedicated to finding/achieving the “perfect relationship”
  • Usually have good communication skills
  • Tend to be gifted writers
  • Take commitments very seriously
  • Seek lifelong relationships
  • Have very high expectations of themselves and others
  • Good listeners
  • Once they are sure a relationship is over, they are usually able to move on
  • Deep, complex and intense
  • Artistic and creative
  • Strive to create an orderly, systematic outer world for themselves
  • Constantly defining and re-defining priorities in life
  • Put lots of energy into identifying the best system for getting things done
  • Operate on an intuitive, spontaneous basis within their inner world
  • Intuitively “know” things without being able to pinpoint exactly why and without even a thorough knowledge of the subject at hand
  • Extremely insightful about people and situations
  • Most likely of all types to have “psychic” abilities
  • Concerned for others’ feelings and careful not to hurt them
  • Perfectionists
  • Believe in constant growth and are always looking to improve
  • Can, in some ways, be easy-going
  • Natural nurturer – they make loving parents and are likely to have strong bonds with their children
  • Devoted to and protective of those they care about
  • Like to work independently
  • Rarest of all types

Negative Traits:

  • Tend to hold back part of themselves – can be secretive
  • Are often hard to get to know, difficult to understand
  • May not be good with money
  • Often not good with handling practical, day-to-day concerns
  • Tendency to believe they’re always right and dismiss/ignore other peoples’ opinions, even before fully hearing them out
  • May be prone to depression
  • Intensely dislike criticism and conflict – tend to internalize conflict and may react to it with heated, explosive anger
  • May have a hard time leaving an unhealthy relationship
  • May be highly protective of themselves and overly private, only sharing what they want and when they want to share it
  • Can be stubborn
  • Rarely at complete peace with themselves – always doubt they are living up to their full potential
  • Often not good with highly detailed tasks – will either avoid these tasks or go to other extreme and become so enveloped in detail that they lose sight of big picture
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[Image: A sketch of Sam Wilson in profile, wings spread out behind him.]


BRB, sketching Sam Wilson forever.

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Deadpool vs Comic-Con 2014 - Video

I hope that spiderman was daniel radcliffe

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